Trip to Florence, SC - Master Copies after Rubens

I've been on a trip to Florence, SC with my girlfriend Sally, headed there to take down her art exhibit at the Florence County Museum. We got swamped with rain from the hurricane and ended up getting flooded out of the guest house we were staying at on some friends' property! 

While it was pouring outside and Sally was teaching a workshop at the museum, I as always busied myself with art. I often like to do master copies while I'm on vacation, and on this trip I got to work on two. Both of these drawings are after Peter Paul Rubens from an excellent book of his drawings that I found at a used bookstore in Paris.

This one is after a copy Rubens did of a Michelangelo figure. It's graphite on paper.

And this is a drawing after an etching-design of the mythical figure Silenus, the inebriated tutor of the wine god Dionysus. 

Meanwhile on the property where our guest house was, the back yard was getting totally flooded with rainwater. Here's a few pics I shot before we left for a hotel on higher ground: