Drawing after Rubens in Paris

As I'm preparing a grant application I thought I'd share this drawing, which I've included in my app. It's a special one, one of my first experiments with throwing a bunch of moving figures into a setting and seeing what happens. I did this by taking people from a variety of paintings in Peter Paul Rubens's "Medici Cycle" series and putting them together into a new composition akin to that style.


I was at the Louvre studying his amazing painting cycle in 2012, working with Studio Escalier. I was taken with the above painting in particular, titled "The Felicity of the Regency". Note the cherubs in the middle are drawn into my assemblage above. Before doing that I spent about six weeks doing a "3D" spacial study of this painting, converting all of the major masses of the figures into tilted boxes, and wrapping them in implied curves of movement deduced from the above composition.

Here's an image of that drawing, smudged from working and reworking. I called it "Boxes Wound of String". 

Here I am with Sally outside of the Louvre. Probably have those drawings in that portfolio to the left.

Headed towards the Tower, a stunning sight at night.

Under the Eiffel Tower.

The goofiest picture! I swear this is not photoshoped, the lighting an angle are so funny!