Désirant in Asheville Offering Oils from France

I'm pleased to announce that a great new Asheville, NC boutique, called Désirant, is offering some of my original oil paintings created in France. Check out some of the work that they have available in their amazing shop:

"Argenton Roses", oil on belgian linen mounted on panel. Custom frame. This piece was painted plein air in Argenton-les-Vallées, France. 

"Wildflowers on the Wall", oil on canvas mounted on panel. Custom frame. Another plein air piece from Argenton-les-Vallées.

"Wisteria", oil on hand-prepared panel. Custom frame. Yet another plein air from Argenton. 

Painting from Memory

I say these are plein air paintings, meant painted from observation directly outdoors. However all three of these were in fact elaborated greatly from memory after I had a few sittings painting the actual subject from life. In the case of "Wisteria" and "Wildflowers" almost the entirety of the overpaintings were achieved from recollection some months after observing the scene from life. This was mainly due to time constraints. I rather enjoy working from memory, though, as it gives the scene time to distill to its most essential elements, and gives the paintings a sort of second-hand, recalled, story-told, dream like feel.