Behind the Scenes - Sketches & WiP

Wanted to share a bit of what I've been working on the last few days in the studio. Lots of artwork in progress!

This 18x24" oil painting is an enlargement of a smaller painting I did on location in Swananoa, NC as a commission. It's coming right along!

A detail shot of the pines in the lower left corner from the above painting.

Also this morning I did a quick ink sketch from memory based on a walk I took this morning. It is a stormy, windy mid-November day and I wanted to reflect the energy out there.

Another sketch I did today after I got home, this one is the 'first thought' for a composition tentatively titled "Into the Badlands". The top drawing is graphite, the color study is watercolor.

Here's one last one, another recent watercolor 'first idea' sketch for an imagined seascape at Dusk. This was inspired by the color scheme of a watercolor by my friend, the accomplished artist Christopher Holt, which I saw at his home during an opening he did recently.